THE SP?CY JAMAK?N Where a little bit of Jamaican spice makes everything taste so nice

Jamakin Eats - Breakfast

The best Jamaican Breakfast in Calgary!!

Rasta French Toast Banana Bread

Island delights in Calgary, WOW.

Serving:  $8.00

Breakfast Sandwich (w/Bacon & eggs)

Start your day right with a great meal.

Serving:  $8.00

Bacon, Eggs and Toast (3 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs, 2 toasts)


Serving:  $8.00

Sammy C’s French Toast Banana Bread

Four thick slices of homemade banana bread toasted to perfection with a light coating of maple syrup, served with fresh strawberries and tangy pineapple.

Serving:  $8.00

Pancakes with Maple Syrup

Truly Canadian.

Serving:  $7.00

Eggs with Tomatoes

Just the way you like them.

Serving:  $6.00

Toast and Jam

We be Jamin.

Serving:  $2.50

Jamakin Eats - Salads

The best Jamaican Salads in Calgary!!

Pineapple Jerk Chicken

Have salad the right way.

Serving:  $13.00

Jerk Pork Salad

One of my favorite Jerks.

Serving:  $13.00

Jamakin Eats - Sandwiches

The best Jamaican Sandwiches in Calgary!!

Jerk Pork or Chicken Sandwich

Who's Jerkin who now.

Serving:  $7.00 sm $13.00 lg

Big Boy Jerk Chicken Or Pork Sandwich

Mon, bring your appetite for this one

Serving:  $13.00

The Jamakin Bobsled Chicken Sandwich

3 lbs of Jerk Chicken, 2 tomato slices and 4 leafs of lettuce! This is enough to feed the entire 4 person Bobsled team!

Serving:  $20.00

Javier Cuban Special

Have you tried Javier's Cuban Sandwich yet?

Serving:  $12.00

Jamakin Eats - Plates

The best Jamaican Meals in Calgary!!

Jamakin Patties ( chicken or beef )

Just the patties and nothing but the patties.

Serving:  $3.00

Rice And Beans Side Order

Better than mom's

Serving:  $2.00 sm $4.00 med $7.00 lg

Jerk Chicken Rice And Beans

Keep winter at bay, this meal will help you get through.

Serving:  $7.00 sm (1 piece of chicken) $13.00 lg ((2 pieces of chicken)

Mel's Sweet Jammin Ribs (3 pieces)

These are sweet fall off the bone goodness.

The best ribs in Calgary, no questions about it!!

Serving:  $6.00