THE SP?CY JAMAK?N Where a little bit of Jamaican spice makes everything taste so nice

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The Spicy Jamakin’s jerk pork and banana bread French toast are tantalizing.

hot sauce from The Spicy Jamakin (it will burn your face off, in a good way)

Jerk Chicken with Beans and Rice, The Spicy Jamakin

It’s the end of October and I’m sitting at a picnic table in a drizzly 5o C at Symons Valley Farmer’s Market. I’m not shivering, as I have a cup of Americano and a plate of jerk chicken with beans and rice from The Spicy Jamakin.

Earnest and complex, spices radiate heat from your core, wrapping you in an invisible blanket and shielding you from the coming winter cold.

The Spicy Jamakin - Urban Spoon Review

Jerk Chicken, Rice n Beans Last winter I had vacationed in Runaway Bay JA and I was so excited to see a Jamaican restaurant in my area. The service was great! I ordered Jerk chicken and I was very happy with the flavours as it brought back memories of my vacation. You can even buy Jamaican drinks that I have not seen any where else here in Calgary. As far as warming up patties in a toaster oven, I highly doubt it as you can clearly see that the owner uses an industrial oven ( as seen in the profile picture).
Bob Marley would be proud!!
I will recommend The Spicy Jamakin to all my friends and family.

The Spicy Jamakin - Urban Spoon Review

I love the spicy Jamakin's food I recommended it to everyone I know! The jerk chicken is amazing!, and I would personally like to say that I think the price of there jamacian patties is very reasonable , for a single patty at loyds it costs $2.25 here it's $4 that's only $1.75 more and it saves me from having to drive 30 mins from my house to Lloyd's,sense the spicy Jamakin is in my area I will go there any day for there patties

The Spicy Jamakin - Urban Spoon Review

The wife and I went to symons valley farmers market for the first time today. We poked around at all of the food vendors, when we stumbled on The Spicy Jamakin, we were greeted very fast and with a huge smile. I asked for a recommendation and was told the Jerk Chicken with rice and beans was awesome, and let me tell you it was!! Huge portion and real island spice! My wife had the Chicken sandwich and loved it, fresh veggies, great bun and lots of chicken. We were eating and the owner even came out and asked if all was well, and he also offered some dessert for free :). I would recommend eatinghere to anyone who goes, he said he was looking to open a second store in the south, totally worth the drive!
Suzanne and Mike, Tuscany Calgary